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What do you need to get started with ITEYE?

It`s very simple – firstly, we make an audit of your office, estimate the amount of equipment and servers, find out what kind of software is used for work. After the assessment we can objectively calculate a value of the subscription maintenance service and proceed to the stage of negotiating and signing the agreement.

How often will the IT expert visit our office?

Issues with scheduled visits are resolved at the stage of signing the agreement and depend on the staff members and computer equipment that is in the office. It is logical that the more people and equipment there are, the more probably that there will be issues that need to be resolved quickly. Therefore, we will find out and choose with you the best option for everyone to be satisfied.

Who will be in charge of the maintenance?

Within a short period of our work (more than 10 years), we have been able to find out the best mechanism for the selection of professional employees for computer maintenance. An IT expert, who will provide maintenance, is assigned to a specific contractor. In case of his absence, a senior administrator, who will be able to close all issues, will be appointed.

How do you react in case of emergency situations («Petya» malware)?

Firstly, we do our best not to be affected by such situations, but if an emergency situation does occur, we will react as quickly as possible. A team of experts will be sent to you within an hour and will resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

What is the type of the remote maintenance?

It`s very simple – if the IT expert is not in your office, just phone him and he will be able to quickly connect to your PC via special utilities. To do this, he will pre-configure everything on your PC and give instructions for use.

What is a payment method for services?

Here we are as democratic as possible, and we will find out any payment method for our services that is convenient for the Customer. We do not avoid paying taxes, we work transparently and in accordance with the Law of Ukraine.

Why outsourcing is better than a full-time system administrator?

Keeping a full-time system administrator for small and medium enterprises is primarily a costly solution. IT task management cycle consists of:

  1. The necessity of IT issues solving.
  2. Task construction.
  3. Execution.
  4. Quality execution assessment.

There will always be gaps in points 1, 2, 4 without the competencies of an IT manager.

Price: The price of IT outsourcing usually does not exceed the costs of experts in the staff, especially considering the costs of management, maintenance of the workplace and taxes.

Conclusion: The company will get a significantly higher quality product for comparable or less money.

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