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Server administration for 1C ITEYE

Server administration for 1C

Our company has more than 10 years of experience in the IT market and serves small or medium enterprises. We are ready to quickly and accurately configure your server for “1C:Enterprise”, and then undertake to provide its round-the-clock technical support.

Advantages of working with 1C on a remote server: 

  1. Reducing IT infrastructure costs by transferring complex calculations to a powerful and fault-tolerant server.
  2. Remote work in 1C from anywhere around the world.
  3. More reliable data storage in comparison with usual computers and laptops.
  4. Delimitation of the access rights to the information system.
  5. Optimization of a wide range of business processes.
  6. Round-the-clock server availability.
  7. Encryption of data exchange (VPN).

To organize work in 1C we need:

  1. Setting up a terminal server.
  2. MS SQL Server installation.
  3. «1C: Enterprise» server installation. 
  4. Server security system configuring.
  5. Backup and data protection.

*Each of these stages is very important and requires special skills in configuring and operating.

Setting up a terminal server

You provide us with information about the number of employees who will work on the server. Our experts calculate the computing resources, select the complete set and plan the configuration of the equipment. If necessary, we provide assistance in the purchase of the server.

Next performs the installation of Windows Server. The operating system is updated to the current version. Additionally, security system and backup are configured. For interaction with users the terminal server service is deployed. 

MS SQL Server installation

For effective 1C operation the interaction of database server (SQL server) with 1C server is performed. Our task is to configure it thoroughly (creating database, setting up Windows Firewall, adding user to MS SQL Server) and interact with the platform itself. Why SQL and not the file system? The answer is very simple – the platform itself is very “heavy” and during work with the database queries will be processed much faster, the advantage is also the integrity of the database itself.

«1C: Enterprise» server installation

After MS SQL Server installation the “1C:Enterprise” installation is starting. At this stage the 1C server is configured.

Server security system configuring

It is assumed that employees from different locations will connect to the server, so it is very important to correctly configure group security and server access policies. As a rule, employees are only allowed to launch applications, all other operations are blocked and opened only with the permission of managers or the head of a department. Antivirus software and software firewall are installed on the server.

Backup and data protection

Backup is an important process, since sometimes there are cases that data needs to be restored, and then, having an old copy on the backup disk, we can do it without any problems. The frequency of backups is configured individually and depends on the size of the data, how long it is stored, etc. Backups is performed both by standard SQL tools (if it is a database), and by external programs, which provides the best result in case of failure of one of the systems. 

What you get if you entrust IT outsourcing to ITEYE:
What you get if you entrust IT outsourcing to ITEYE:
Quality assurance
We will refund money within the first 30 days after signing the contract if the quality of IT maintenance does not satisfy you.
Expertness and competence
Our employees are constantly learning, they are following the development of technology and technical progress. Your information system will be protected with the most reliable and up-to-date technologies.
Full set of services
The maintenance agreement includes all works related to information technology. In addition to IT outsourcing, you can also take an advantage of services of the local networks installation, video surveillance installation, ACS installation, etc. You will not need to look for third-party specialists.
Your information system stability
No downtime. We know about failures and breakdowns before you, because of the monitoring system control. Servers and equipment for temporary replacement for prompt repair or replacement at your service.
24/7 Support
We are constantly stay in touch. If necessary, we prescribe 24/7 support in the agreement.
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