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Special offer for business

If you sign an agreement for a one-year office subscription maintenance service, we will guarantee our clients the following:

Hurry up to take an advantage of the special offer right now, and we will guarantee you the fulfillment of all obligations. 

Outsourcing is more profitable than a regular system administrator. Because:
System Administrator
  • Cannot perform several tasks at once. Therefore, there may be downtime in some areas of work, due to which you will lose money and clients. And if force majeure happens, when he is on vacation or sick leave?
  • The financial costs for the office equipment, salary and taxes are a lot of money, and the quality of work does not always correspond to them.
  • How the effectiveness of a system administrator can be evaluated? It is not easy, because you need an another professional in this field or a complex request and regulations accounting system, as well as a person who will control all of these.
  • Does not bear financial responsibility if the company activity is interrupted due to fails in the information system.
  • Does not have a clear documentation system. There is often lack of complete information about services and system status in case of system administrator dismissal. Often has an insufficient or irrelevant knowledge base.
  • Does not have motivation and development opportunities, especially in companies with a small computer fleet.
ITEYE outsourcing
  • We have enough experts to immediately solve your problems. There will be no downtime, because we are multitasking.
  • No workspace is required. There is no need to pay for an employee, and the cost of our IT maintenance can be factored in as an expense when calculating taxes.
  • Information about your IT infrastructure (CMDB) is always up to date. There is a request accounting system, according to which you can always get a report. You will understand how it works, what is the current state of the information system, and what you are paying for.
  • We draw up an SLA - agreement on quality control of IT services, according to which we are financially responsible to the customer.
  • We have experts in all areas. They are always in good shape and have all the relevant professional information. We are ready to provide a report on the work done and on the state of the customer's information system at any time.
  • Our employees are constantly learning something new and improving their skills. The lazy employees don't take root here.
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